Remote Learning Resources

Technology Videos are posted on this page to help navigate Google Classroom, RingCentral and Nearpod.

Remember to email your scholar's teacher for usernames & passwords.

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Video Tecnológico - En Español
#2 Ring Central
Video Tecnológico - En Español
#3 Nearpod
Technology Video - En Inglés y Español
#4 Submit an Assignment
     Enviar Una Tarea

- 5-Mindfulness-Exercises for Students

- 5 Homework Frustrations & Fixes


Remember to:

  • Share age-appropriate facts and correct misinformation

  • Reassure them that they are safe

  • Emphasize simple things ... to be “germ busters” — for all types of germs that are out there

Talking to children about COVID-19:

parent resources

NPR:  Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

PBS Kids for Parents:  Helping Children with Tragic Events in the News

PBS Kids for Parents:  How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

NY Times Parenting:  How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

From the National Association of School Psychologists:  COVID-19 Parent Handout  ENGLISH/SPANISH


Click here for progress report downloading instructions.  Instructional how to download videos are available as an additional resource on this page.  

How to download Progress Reports