On March 23rd, students from Brooklyn Ascend Middle School (BAMS), Canarsie Middle School (CAMS), and grade 5 at Brownsville Lower School (BVLS) took to the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall to rally against gun violence in our communities. Falling on the eve of the March for our Lives demonstrations and at the anniversary of the fatal shooting of one of BAMS’ own, our students stood in solidarity with students from Parkland, Florida while calling attention to the gun violence that has plagued communities of color for far too long. Our students demanded a national platform from which to speak their truths.

On Friday, student voice rang out. BAMS students performed music, dance, and poetry centered on a common message: #NOMORE gun violence. Our community honored the memory of Rohan Levy, a former BAMS student who was killed in an act of senseless gun violence. We were joined in support by government officials who encouraged our students to demand action from their representatives.

Our students’ message was heard. Media outlets across New York and New Jersey covered the event, adding our story to this national movement. Below are links to coverage of the event.

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Admiration and gratitude to BAMS for their leadership in coordinating this event, and for producing such exceptional, powerful student performances.

To end, here are remarks from Rohan Levy’s sister, BAMS 8th grader Kyla Robotham, “Our voice is being heard now…We’re standing up for what we believe in, and nobody’s stopping us.” We still have a long way left to climb, but together we have made strides toward a safer, stronger, more unified future.