Brooklyn Reads 365!

NYC Reads 365 challenges New Yorkers to read every single day.

Read for pleasure, read to find out, read to argue, read to persuade, read to laugh, read to cry, read to understand, read to forget. Help create a new generation of readers!

NYC Reads 365 is an important literacy initiative of the NYC Department of Education (DOE). The DOE has created recommended reading lists representing a wide range of genres and cultural perspectives. The texts on the lists can be found on the NYC Reads 365 website – along with bookmarks designed to promote the joy of reading. The DOE is also working with Brooklyn Public Libraries to ensure that the texts on the reading lists are available throughout borough libraries.

NYC Reads 365


Grade K Reading List

Grade 1 Reading List

Grade 2 Reading List

Grade 3 Reading List

Grade 4 Reading List