Hispanic Heritage Night Celebration - Thursday, October 17th

Carnival Masks, Maracas, Face Painting, Dance

Scholars will begin the evening by making carnival masks and maracas, face painting and dancing away to sounds of Latin music.

Costume Contest & Talent Show

Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in a costume contest! A special prize will be awarded for the best traditional Hispanic outfit or costume of a famous Hispanic person. Scholars will later demonstrate their talents in a small talent show. We strongly encourage you or your child to participate in our talent show by selecting a talent that represents Hispanic culture. Examples are performing a traditional dance, singing or rapping a Spanish song, reciting a poem or playing a musical instrument. *Please remember all performances should contain appropriate music, lyrics or dance that is suitable for our school community.

Share a Traditional Dish

Please bring a donation of traditional snacks or dishes from your Latin American country.